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Historic heat fuels California wildfires


Historic heat fuels California wildfires.


Historic heat fuels California wildfires



Tonight we start with the state of emergency in California as historical heat fuels dangerous wildfires, one of which traps hundreds of campers, leading to dramatic rescue operations overnight. A creek fire in the Sierra National Forest comes to life near a popular camp site, surprising some desperate campers who have left. Leading them straight through the flames, luring others into the water this horrific scene near its edge, as the National Guard came to rescue the Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters that shot down more than 200 people who were lifted to safety, leaving everything behind the fire also threatening homes and businesses and forcing one evacuation. Only of the more than 50 uncontained fires across the West tonight.


Hundreds of people trapped by the out-of-control Gulf Fire were rescued near Fresno. There is a fire on all sides. There was a family surrounded by infernal fires at a popular camp site cut down by the infernal California National Guard with enormous Chinook helicopters and black hawk helicopters airlifted. Over 200 people including Jeremy Remington, and he finally gave his family a thumbs up and it was like literally oh my god there is a fire like we packed up, we had to leave half of our stuff, in fact, everything stayed there, we took 20 of them to the hospital, and some of them were in Critical condition with burns or broken bones, and many jumped into the water until help arrived, your family was jumping into the water to get away from the flames, yes, there was no warning that the fire moved too fast, so there was a lot we could do, and I am happy that I am alive, and I think we are all happy that we are alive Some people risk their lives while driving through the flames to escape the raging fires attacking homes and businesses burning over 45 thousand acres and zero percent Percent of firefighters fighting desperately to save thousands of skeletons that conflict with record high temperatures, lightning strikes and bone-dry conditions, we know our aunt's house is gone.



We know that the school has probably disappeared and that our friend's house has disappeared, families caught by surprise in nearby Lake Bass and the fire creeping over the mountain ash rains from the thick smoke that suffocates the sun. Interval of which smoke appears thousands of feet into the air and the explosive growth of the fire that has been captured In these new satellite images, and he's not the only one of nearly 15,000 firefighters racing to contain 23 major fires statewide including the El Dorado fire near San Bernardino Lindsay, you can see the flames burning through the woods behind me, confirming that as of the end of this Week, more than 2 million acres burned here in California, a record for one year and we're still only up in the fire season.

Marciano's robbery and serious robbery like circumstances now clarify what to expect in the forecast that can make things worse nicely What to lose Lindsay from the heat tomorrow we will win and win, none of them is good for the firefighters and boy Do we have the heat today 121 degrees in Los Angeles County and Central The city has reached 109 degrees until the temperature of San Francisco reaches 100 degrees, look at this, we have warnings of high temperatures that are still high in most parts of California, this is the warning of the pink red flag now in most of the West for the danger of fire and now warnings of high winds In northwest Oregon where this tall building brings a bit cooler air, but we get those offshore winds driving the Portland National Weather Service saying that this could be a historic eastwind event with 60mph winds and dangerously low levels of The humidity on the eastern side of the rocky rocks we have cold air sliding down in Denver it was 101 yesterday they will see snow on Tuesday morning and this cold air is this wewill accelerate that easterly winds to the fire area.


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