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Alicia Garza talks about the future of the movement - Black Lives Matter



Alicia Garza talks about the future of the movement - Black Lives Matter.


Alicia Garza talks about the future of the movement - Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter.

The Black Lives movement emerged as important seven years ago in 2013 after George Zimmerman was acquitted in the death of Trigon Martin The phrase "a significant black life" was coined by Gaza for the first time in a Facebook post acknowledging the power of its words. Co-founder Patrice Coloss shared her words with the hash tag and started the campaign from there. As the blm case gained momentum, people began to take to the streets to protest institutional racism and violence against blacks in 2016.

future of the movement. 

NFL player Coleen gets on his knees during the national anthem for the first time and is a revolt that will become synonymous with the movement on a global scale if the shooting of Trigon Martin leads to the launch of the "Black Life Counts" campaign and then the death of George Floyd in May of this year. It has made it an internationally known movement, and some of the largest companies in the world have now embraced the movement or is it fair There can be no doubt that this movement has made sure that racism is one of the central issues in the elections, and the slogan last night in the last presidential debate, I am less A racist person I cannot even see the audience because it is very dark but I do not care among the audience, I am the least racist person in this room, he pours fuel on every racial fire, every fire started his campaign as he went down the elevator saying that he would get rid of these Mexican rapists. Muslims banned because they are Muslims moved elsewhere and made everything worse in all areas. Joe Biden talking last night there, I joined Alicia Gas from California who wrote a book about her experience of the purpose of power How to build movements for 21st century Elizabeth, are you proud of what this movement has developed into over the past few years, I mean I think this movement has It captured hearts and minds all over the world and is now a conversation on the kitchen table every country in the world and black communities around the world are struggling under the weight of our lives it doesn't matter, it is more time than time to bridge the gap between black lives and another life, and frankly I will say that in my book. Talking about the fact that the movements and their purpose is to put more power in the hands of more people and I think that this movement is on its way to achieving that, but what has been achieved really well in 2015 we saw an unprecedented number of laws passed around criminal justice reform, there was More than 40 laws in 26 states across this nation, and that wouldn't have been possible were it not for the importance of black life this year, as the Black Lives and Black Lives movement introduced the Breath Act, which is the twenty-first century version of a generic version of the Rights Act. For a civil of 1965 that ensured dignity and justice for all people regardless of race or any other class and there are many victories hat we left to win I can say that in cities and states across this nation, black lives matter, activists make sure that our organization changes the rules But it also changes the culture to make sure blacks are not criminalized unnecessarily and to make sure that systematic racism is uh. People realize that and make sure that people know that it afflicts every system that organizes our lives, I would say these are huge achievements and we are just getting started well, so I mean what Your opinion on the idea or idea is the fact that it has been adopted by some of the largest companies in the world Nike wall street bank and what kind of use it as a slogan, do you take that seriously, it depends that it is important that the movements are able to penetrate the mainstream is the companies and other entities Which really shapes the ideas and values ​​of many people, and so you know that the movements do not have to be ambiguous but at the same time there is work to be done b. Corporations must not only adopt the black life in the symbol but also to adopt it in terms of substance, And I often tell companies that ask that there be work they can do there inside their own company they can start by looking at how many black people work for their companies and more than that, how many black people are in the third group for their company, I've also said many times that it's important Ensure that if you have black people in your company, our only job is to not inform you about diversity and inclusion and I talk about this a lot in my book, the purpose of the power that this symbol often uses in relationship with black communities but we rarely get to the core, it does not happen Only at the company level this also happens in the elections and with political parties, as the violence on the outskirts of this movement has distorted it, sorry, can you ask whether the violence on the outskirts of this movement has been distorted well? Let me say that only today a story emerged.



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