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Kim Kardashian Just Reacted To Her Paris Robber’s Shocking Tell-All Interview About The Heist After He Accused Her Of “Throwing Money Away” And Said She Should’ve Been “Less Showy”

Kim Kardashian Just Reacted To Her Paris Robber’s Shocking Tell-All Interview About The Heist After He Accused Her Of “Throwing Money Away” And Said She Should’ve Been “Less Showy”

Kim was staying at the Hôtel de Pourtalès in France during Paris Fashion Week when the robbery happened there. The masked guys stormed into her room, tied her up, taped her lips and eyes shut, and grabbed almost $10 million worth of jewels. They were all in their 60s and 70s.

Years later, when she opened up about the traumatic event, Kim recalled feeling terrified that she would be murdered and subjected to sexual assault before pleading with the French concierge, who was also bound and cuffed, to tell the robbers to spare her life in order to protect her children back in the US.

"I couldn't tell who the concierge was, so I kept staring at him and wondering, 'What's going on?'" 'Are we going to die?' she asked David Letterman in a 2020 interview. "Just tell them I have kids, like newborns, a spouse, a family, and I have to hurry home," she said.

It was discovered the following year that the burglars had studied the reality star's social media posts for two years before pulling off the crime. Since then, Kim, who wasn't physically hurt but was psychologically damaged by the incident, has fundamentally altered how she shares her life online.

One of the thieves in issue, Yunis Abbas, spoke candidly about the theft with Vice News earlier this week, during which he displayed zero signs of regret while acknowledging that they had left Kim "traumatized."

"I watched one of her performances, in the Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode where she flung her diamond into the pool. She must have a lot of money, I thought. The 67-year-old, who served 22 months in jail before receiving an early release for medical reasons, said that the woman "doesn't care at all."

Yunis responded, "Since she was throwing money away, I was there to collect it and that was it. I don't feel bad about the robbery. Guilty? No, I'm not bothered. She must have been traumatized, of course, but I don't care. I am certain of it.

He continued by accusing Kim of being entire to fault for the incident, saying that she ought to have been "a bit less ostentatious" with her money in the direction of "those who can't afford it."

"I looked online and saw her jewelry. I noticed her ring. She displayed it everywhere, I observed," he added. We were aware of this knowledge thanks to social media.

Yunis went into further detail about the incident itself, saying that two of his coworkers went to Kim's room with the concierge, who they "overpowered" and tied up, while he "stayed below."

He continued by revealing that he and the other invaders had time to flee since Kim's secretary had accidentally called 911 in the US rather than the French police. However, Yunis was finally apprehended because the guard he tied up left behind signs of his DNA.

Nothing can justify what he did. He has seriously traumatized that woman. Whatever her wealth, what he did was terrible, someone wrote.

She has to deal with PTSD for the rest of her life. No matter how furious you are about the wealth inequality situation in America, I don't believe any woman should have to go through that, tweeted another.

And now, Kim, who at first kept mute when the interview was made public, has delicately added her two cents by silently endorsing a tweet accusing Yunis of "gaslighting" her.

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