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“M3GAN” Dolls Are Dancing Across New York City For The Film’s Release

 “M3GAN” Dolls Are Dancing Across New York City For The Film’s Release.

Dolls Are Dancing Across New York City For The Film’s Release

The terrifying killer android doll at the core of the film's plot develops a taste for murder, but the hype around its release has helped this goofy horror movie become a web sensation. The #m3gandance TikTok hashtag has had over 147 million views, and it features live performances of M3gan dolls dancing. This has caused some internet users to refer to her as a lesbian idol.

But when Model 3 Generative Android (M3GAN) learns more about what it means to be a person, M3GAN's motions start to become more fluid. A montage shows the robot teaching the little girl she is trained to guard and befriend a rudimentary TikTok dance. M3GAN rises to sinuous, menacing somatic virtuosity as her comprehension of that programming becomes more hostile. She performs a routine that can compete with anything seen on a television dance competition when the movie reaches its gruesome conclusion, rolling through her spine, rotating her hips, and throwing herself into a hands-free cartwheel.

Boston Dynamics, a robotics company, has just published a number of dance films displaying its advanced robots, with their metal-clad bodies doing the step-touch, twerk, and bourrée to the rhythm of popular music. The end of 2020 saw the release of "Do You Love Me," a meticulously choreographed film starring the humanoid Atlas robot, the canine-like Spot, and the wheeled model formerly known as Handle. Commentators were equally astounded by the computers' seamless competence as they were terrified. Seth Rogen, a comedian, once said on Twitter that it "would really be humorous" for robots to dance "while they kill us all."

"It's almost like they're staring at us and saying, 'We can do what you do, and we can do it better,' in the most irritating way," Johnstone said of the Boston Dynamics robots dancing in unison. He laughed. "Like they're going to sashay their way toward wiping out all of mankind," one person said.

In contrast to the human dance in certain contemporary horror movies, when flesh-and-bone beings experience hot madness, M3GAN's ice-cold, coldly calculated "performance" is performed. Dance horror works best when the performer "transcends their personality," according to choreographer, director, and writer Jack Ferver, who collaborated on the upcoming horror film "The Parenting."

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